1. Background

Rongli is a small town in East district of Sikkim and also the second route to reach Kupup & Nathula in North Sikkim. Rongli is one of the oldest sub-divisions of the East District and lies in the GPS coordinates 27.2036° N, 88.7019° E and elevation of 333 m. The Sub-Division has its Sub-Divisional Magistrate’s Office which provides following citizen centric services:

  Registration   Land Records   General
a) Sale Deed
b) Mortgage Deed
c) Lease Deed
d) Firm
e) Power of Attorney
f) Agreement Deed
g) Will Deed
h) Adoption Deed

a) Mutation of Land
b) Land Acquisition
c) Search Certificate
d) No Landed Property Certificate
e) No encumbrance Certificate
f) Property valuation Certificate
g) Maps

a) Certificate of Identification
b) Schedule Caste/Schedule Tribe Certificate
c) OBC/MBC Certificate
d) Unmarried Certificate
e) Income Certificate
f) Hindu Marriage Certificate
g) Special Marriage Certificate
h) Employment Card
i) Senior Citizenship Card
j) Birth Verification
k) Death Verification

2. General Information

Name of District
No. of Revenue Circles
No. of Revenue Blocks
No. of Cadastral Maps
No. of Digitized Maps
Availability of Modern Record Room in SDM office
Computerization of Land Records
Computerization of Registration
Integration of Land Records and Registration

East District
In progresss

3. Address

SDM Office, Rongli, East Sikkim , Pinocde #737133. 

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