Sl. No Notification Number: Subject Date View
1 - Revenue Order No1 17th May 1917 Click
2 S/294/61 Sikkim Subject Rules 19th February 1962 Click
3 2/282/LR&DMD (S) Land and its value 4th January 2005 Click
4. 21/282/LR(S) Land and its value 7th August 2006 Click
5 No: 20/LR&DMD/2001-02/Part II/24/R Sukumbasi Scheme 3rd Sept 2011 Click
6 23/Home/2015 Residential Certificates 15th May 2015 Click
7 No. 30 or 2013 The Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act,2013- The Gazette of India 26th September 2013 Click
8 07/180/LR&DMD/
The Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement (Sikkim) Rules,2015 13th Oct 2015 Click
9 15/Home/2016 Rampant use of Packaged drinking water 19th May 2016 Click
10 5(92)5(Gen)/Est Modification of memorandum No 5(92)229/Gen/Est dated 28th Jan 1980 on issuance of Certificate of Identification 9th April 1981 Click
11 No.66/Home/95  Notification on issuance of Certificate of Identification(COI) 8th Dec 1995 Click
12 No.57/Home/96  Partial modification of notification on issuance of COI 31st December 1996  Click
13 No. 04HOME/2006  Partial modification of notification on issuance of COI 31st January, 2006  Click
14 No.03/LR&DMD/GOS/2017 Notification & Social Impact Assessment Study Report on Land Acquisition for the construction of 2nd & 3rd IRB HQ,Manglay, South Sikkim 29th April 2017 Click
15 No.12/HOME/2018 Benefits to the holders of Residential Certificate 10th March 2018 Click
16 No.12/LR&DMD/GOS/ACQ Block rates of land in Sikkim 17th May 2018 Click
17 No. 10/LD/18 The Sikkim Regulation of Transfer of Land (Amendment)Act,2018 13th June 2018 Click
18 No. 2/LD/19 The Sikkim Regulation of Transfer of Land (Amendment)Act,2019 5th March 2019 Click
19 No.23/LR&DMD/ACQ/GOS Declaration for Khamdong Khola Bridge at Tintek Block, East Sikkim 22nd July 2019 Click
20 No 19/LRDMD/ADM Schedule of Rates for implementataion of cadastral resurvey 06th Aug 2019 Click
21 No 20/LRDMD/ADM Resurvey at Yangtam, Changey Senti and Aho Revenue Blocks 05th Nov 2019 Click
22 No 26/LR&DMD/ACQ/GOS Preliminary notification under Land acquisition- Alignment of road from Toong NSH,Gangtok -Chungthang road to Partem-4865-Tamze and Leema-Chu-Junction 13th March 2020 Click
23 No 01/LR&DMD Preventive measure for containment of COVID-19 in the State of Sikkim 10th May 2020 Click
24 28/LR&DMD/ACQ/GOS Corrigendum for Notf No 25/LR&DMD/Acq/GOS dated 13/03/2020 16th June 2020 Click
25 No 31/ACQ/LR&DMD Amendment in Notification No. 210/234-I/LR&DMD(S) dated 25/02/2011 15th Oct 2020 Click
26 No 35/LR&DMD/ACQ/GOS Settlemet of all Government Land (excluding Forest and Urban Dev Dept) 21st Jan 2021 Click
27 No 36/LR&DMD/ACQ/GOS Corrigendum for Notf No 26/LR&DMD/ACQ/GOS dated 13/03/2020 28th Jan 2021 Click
28 No 37/LR&DMD/ACQ/GOS Notice for acquisition of Land for Construction of road for ITBP,Leema to Chu Junction of Lachung, North Sikkim 05th Feb 2021 Click
29 No 38/LR&DMD/ACQ/GOS Declaration for road from Tong to Partem 4865 Tamze 1st March 2021 Click
30 - Report of the Expert Committee for acquisition of Land by Army at Lachen, Lachung and Chungthang, North Sikkim 1st March 2021 Click
    Report in Bhutia   Click
    Report in Lepcha   Click
    Report in Nepali   Click
31 No 41/LR&DMD/ACQ/GOS Acquisition for KLP of Indian Army at Lachen,Lachung and Chungthang RB 25th March 2021 Click
32 No 243/LR&DMD Partial modification to notification No 01/LR&DMD ,10th May 2020 16th July 2021 Click
33 No.43/LR&DMD/Acq/GOS Preliminary notification of land acquisition for KLP construction by Indian Army at Lachen, Lachung and Chungthang blocks, North Sikkim 16/07/2021 Click
34 No 44/LR&DMD/ACQ/GOS Extension of time limit for issue of preliminary notification u/s 11 of RFCTLARR Act 2013 22/09/2021 Click
35 No 18/LR&DMD/ADM Flash floods and Land Slides on 18th,19th and 20th Oct 2021 22/10/2021 Click
36 No 5/LR&DMD Ex-Gratia for deaths due to Covid-19 26/11/2021 Click
37 No 49/LR&DMD/ACQ/GOS Appointment of administrator for construction of key location places by Ministry of Defence in North Sikkim 30/11/2021 Click
38 No/50/LR&DMD/ACQ/GOS Re-organization of Districts 20/12/2021 Click
39 51/LR&DMD/ACQ/GOS Construction of Teesta IV HE project (520 MW) at Dzongu,Mangan & Kabi 31/12/2021 Click
40 52/LR&DMD/ACQ/GOS Constitution of SIA expert group for acquisition of land at Sirithang for construction of Sub-jail 21/01/2022 Click
41 No.43/LR&DMD/Acq/GOS Notification of land acquisition for construction of Key Places in the blocks of Lachen, Lachung and Chungthang,North Sikkim by Indain Army, Ministry of Defense(Government Of India) 23/08/2022 Click
42 No.09/LR&DMD/GOS/ACQ Notification of Re-organization of Mangan Disrtict And Namchi District 2/02/2023 Click