Land Registration


The Scheme of computerization of land Records was started in 1998-89 by the Department of Land Resources, Ministry of Rural Development, New Delhi . The Land Records in the State are fully computerized. A 3-tier E-Governance System has been developed for computerized system of Land Records management including computerized mutation (transfer of ownership) and computerized issuance of Records of Right (RoR). This application supports Devnagri (Hindi) Script and uses finger print device for user authentication. It has modules such as application receiving, correction, notice issue, mutation processing, report, query, user management and help. It automates the total workflow of the land transaction process. The software has been awarded ISO certification by STQC and is presently implemented in 8 out of 9 subdivisions in the state. The process of land management has been clearly and properly documented and there is no ambiguity with respect to any issue. No citizen has to run from pillar to post to get any land related service from the government. The lengthy process of obtaining NO objection certificates is reengineered as per the convenience and requirement of the citizens. Documentation of the process has been awarded the best technical paper award in International E-governance Conference.


The process of property registration in the state is managed by an E-Governance System ‘ORCHID’ (Online Registration and Certificate handling, Issuance and Delivery Systems) which is capable of processing and register all types of properties online and issue certificate of registration. It is a complete work-flow automation system with re-engineering of few steps in the web-based technology with finger-print enabled access system. This system also has the capability of instant real-time event notification sub-system to all the logged in users. The system part takes care of the following types of registration: o Property (Sale Deed Registration) o Mortgage Reistration o Lease Deeds (UD/HD and General) o Agreement Registration o Firm Registration o Power of Attorney Registration o Will Registration o Adoption Registration