Steps involved in the process:    

  1. Submit application to the Sub-Registrar in the concerned SDM/DC office with the following documents:     
    • MOU, attested copy.
    • Enlistment with Commerce and Industries Department.
    • Lease Deed with concerned Department – 2 copies
    • Copy of Company / Firm registration certificate, Certificate of incorporation.
    • Character antecedent certificate of the Board of Directors from the local Police station
  2. Spot verification is done and survey report is prepared.
  3. File with all the necessary documents is prepared and is sent for Government approval, in terms of Sikkim Registration of Documents Rules, 1930.
  4. On approval, lease is registered.


  1. Gazette Notification No.69 dated 11th March 2008 (Notification No.4/LR&DMD/(R), dated 29/02/08 regarding Lease period.
  2. Gazette Notification No.331, dated 18th August 2014, regarding Amendment in the Notification No.69, dated 11th March 2008.
  3. Gazette Notification No. 375, dated 15th July 2011, (Notification No. 57/ Home / 2011, dated 11/07/2011) regarding transfer of land for projects and non locals.